CAT LOI CASHEW OIL PRODUCTION & EXPORT JOINT STOCK COMPANY located in Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai Province, Vietnam. One of the leading trusted known suppliers of Cashew Nut Shell Liquid (CNSL), CARDANOL, and cashew nut shell after extract oil (CNSE). We offer goods to our customers spread through Vietnam and foreign countries. We are well known for timely & quick delivery to buyers, keeping long-term relationships. The production and business of more than ten years in cashew oil and related fields offer complete satisfaction to customers. Our mission is to fulfill the demands of a large number of good domestic and foreign customers who are in search of high-quality products and good prices

I – Mission

Our company specializes in collecting cashew nut shell, producing and supplying cashew nut shell liquid, cashew nut shell after extraction for industrial chemicals and fuel. In addition, the production and use of these fuels opened up the potential to solve the scarcity fuel in rural and industrial areas while contributing positively to environmental protection, creating more jobs and economic development in the local.

We always research and learn to find the most fuel and solutions to ensure the best materials and reduce costs at the lowest to customers with the motto activities, prestige and service quality is top priority



1- Environment: In addition to collecting cashew nut shell, cleaning environment, our products and services are directed towards a cleaner, greener and more friendly environment.

2- Economy: Because of the use of waste products everywhere to make the fuel used in place or export. Using the most advanced scientific technology to save materials and fuel. Save 30-70% of operating costs and increased profits for farmers, workers as well as investors.

3- Development: The use of renewable and environmentally friendly products has opened up the prospect to solve material shortages in rural and industrial areas, and has contributed positively to the environment protection as well as created more jobs and economic development in the local. So this is a strong and sustainable development direction